Monday, September 28, 2009

Mediainfo Gui with Right click and get info!

Ok.. if you install windows mediainfo you get on movie right click, you select mediainfo and get the info...

Here is how can we do it with linux...

First you download and install media info and libs with this order... (First), (Second), (Third)

you just installed the mediainfo GUI:)

Now lets fix the right click!!

Go to System- Preferences - Nautilus Actions Configuration

In nautilus action windows press Add

You give label : Mediainfo
Icon make browse and select mediainfo

then click on Main and select Edit

Path give : /usr/bin/mediainfo-gui
Parameters : %M

and OK!!

you are ready .. now select a movie .. right click .. select mediainfo.. and get movie info!!!

PS: if desktop icons dissapears press ALT+F2 and give "nautilus &"